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Bill C-24

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The enactment amends the Criminal Code by

    (a) providing additional protection to members of the Senate and the House of Commons and persons who play a role in the administration of criminal justice from certain acts of intimidation directed against them or their families;

    (b) providing law enforcement officers and other persons acting at their direction with circumscribed protection from criminal liability for certain otherwise illegal acts committed in the course of an investigation or enforcement of an Act of Parliament;

    (c) extending the application of its proceeds of crime provisions to indictable offences under the Criminal Code and other Acts of Parliament, with a few exceptions;

    (d) extending the application of its provisions relating to offence-related property to indictable offences under the Criminal Code;

    (e) providing for the management, by judicial order, of proceeds of crime and offence-related property, whether seized or restrained; and

    (f) providing broader measures for investigation and prosecution in connection with organized crime by expanding the concepts of criminal organization and criminal organization offence and by creating three new offences relating to participation in the activities - legal and illegal - of criminal organizations, and to the actions of their leaders.

The enactment also amends the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act to allow the enforcement in Canada of search warrants, restraint orders and orders of forfeiture from foreign jurisdictions.