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Bill C-34

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R.S., c. C-47
60. Paragraph 5(b) of the Criminal Records Act is replaced by the following:
(b) unless the pardon is subsequently revoked or ceases to have effect, requires the judicial record of the conviction to be kept separate and apart from other criminal records and removes any disqualification or obligation to which the person so convicted is, by reason of the conviction, subject by virtue of the provisions of any Act of Parliament — other than section 109, 110, 161, 259, 490.012, 490.019 or 490.02901 of the Criminal Code, subsection 147.1(1) or section 227.01 or 227.06 of the National Defence Act or section 36.1 of the International Transfer of Offenders Act — or of a regulation made under an Act of Parliament.
Bill C-14
61. (1) Subsection (2) applies if Bill C-14, introduced in the 2nd session of the 40th Parliament and entitled An Act to amend the Criminal Code (organized crime and protection of justice system participants) (in this section referred to as the “other Act”), receives royal assent.
(2) On the first day on which both subsection 16(2) of the other Act and subsection 3(2) of this Act are in force, subparagraph (a)(xi.1) of the definition “primary designated offence” in section 487.04 of the Criminal Code, as enacted by that subsection 3(2), is renumbered as subparagraph (a)(xi.3) and is repositioned accordingly if required.
Order in council
62. The provisions of this Act, other than section 61, come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.