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Bill C-395

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The purpose of this enactment is to allow police officers and firefighters who retire at fifty years of age or more after at least five years of service, for the years between the ages of fifty-five and sixty, to elect to be deemed self-employed for earnings up to the total of the last year's earnings in the force, or, if actually self-employed, to add a sum up to that total to their actual self-employment earnings.

The existing maximum levels of contribution will still apply, and the police or firefighters continuing contributions will make the full contributions of a self-employed person.

It also entitles police officers and firefighters who retire at fifty to an unreduced pension at age sixty or a pension reduced by the 0.5 per cent per month formula if commenced at an age between fifty-five and sixty.

The Governor in Council has the power to prescribe the forces of police or firefighters in which this amendment would apply because of early retirement applying to their service.